Autosys 12 Page Profile

 A detailed profile of Autosys Group

Bagging Machines

Autosys offers standardized batching machines from 25 Kgs to 1000 Kgs. Open mouth bags, Valve Sealed bags and FFS Bags are supported. Bag Placers, Stiching / Sealing machines, Robotic / Semi-Automatic Palletizers and Shrink Wrapping are some of the additional options.

Batching plant Automation

Batching Plant Automation is one of the core competency areas for Autosys. A detailed 4 page catalogue on the various types of batching plants offered.

Control & Instrumentation for Water and Infrastructure Projects

The C&I business is an independent SBU within Autosys, focusing on projects that have a significant amount of instrumentation, remote monitoring and networking / IT. The team has extensive experience in Infrastructure, Water and Waste Water Projects.

Executive Summary

 A one page summary of Autosys and its capabiliities.

Large Scale PLC and DCS Projects

Autosys capabilities in large scale PLC and DCS projects. 

PLC and MCC Panels

Apart from providing all the electrical and control panels necesssary for a turn key automation project, Autosys also supplies panels independently for any industrial or power application.

WTP on Monthly Rental

 1.0/1.5 MLD RO Plant on Monthly Rental

Xeleer Automatic Dosing System

Xeleer is a unit of Autosys focusing on Product development.  Xeleer offers high accuracy dosing systems with excellent cycle time / throughput for difficult to flow materials such as fibres and fibrous composites.